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        1. Welcome: Quzhou Yongquan Measure Co., Ltd.
          Language: Chinese ∷  English

          About us

          Quzhou Yongquan Measure Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating RD, production and sales of shunt. It is formerly known as a taiwan-funded enterprise. Taiwan Yongquan was founded in 1975 who has been producing shunt for 45 years, it expanded into Quzhou, Zhejiang province in Y1995 and created industry well-known brand SH-TW.

          In decades of production and management process, Yongquan has accumulated very rich technical experiences and high quality customers. Yongquan SH-TW shunt are widely used in Inverter, Servo-drive Motor, Wind Power, Photovoltaic New Energy, Switching Power Supply, Power Supply, Telecomm Power Supply, Smart Grid, Instrumentation, CNC Machine tools, Injection Molding Machine, Elevator, Robot, Electric Locomotive, Automobile, Motorcycle, Welding Equipment and other industries.

          Yongquan takes "Quality First, Customer First, Continuous Improvement, Sincere Cooperation" as its business philosophy, and provides quality products and excellent service to each customer from domestic and overseas, therefore, it wins all the new and old customers unanimously praise. We will, as always, continue to provide quality services for our each customer.